Kate Kemp

Kate Kemp

24 hour Ultramarathon



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I love to run. Lots of people I've spoken to about this challenge have asked how they can sponsor me. I've thought long and hard, and as most of you know, I'd run this just because I love running.

Before children my running buddy, Briony, and I ran across England in 5 days. I always knew we'd get back to running after children but didn't really expect that we'd be going for an ultra!

Training has had its challenges, the life/children/work/run balance is a tough one to find but we've done as much as we've been able to!

If me taking on the task of running for 24 hours could do anything at all, I'd love to inspire others. But, I'm just a regular mum who loves running...

That's where the inspirational work at the Mintridge Foundation comes in! It would mean the world to me that I'd helped, in some small way, to support the next generation into being active, playing sport or just loving exercise. The Mintridge Foundation are doing just that, harnessing the power of sporting heroes. 

I'll keep on dreaming of meeting Jessica Ennis or Susie Chan one day :-)